Products We Use

TRESemme' Shampoo

TRESemme' Conditioner 

As of June 2013, I have started using TRESemme' Products. I explain why here.

Vitamin E Oil by Mega Care

I do still love and recommend Vitamin E oil by Mega Care. This oil can be purchased at any beauty supply store. You can view me using it here.

Sometimes, I like to make my own oil. It saves tons of dollars and it works even better because I can mix different oils together for healthy hair benefits. My post on how to make your own oils can be found here.

Just for Me 

I really love the Just for me oil moisturizing lotion. This is what makes her hair really shine in some of her pictures. You can view me using it here.

Fantasia Heat Protector Straightening Serum

I also use Fantasia Heat Protector Serum. You can view me using it here.

I did a post on My 5 Favorite Inexpensive & Expensive products here.

As of December 2013, I have become a huge fan of the As I Am product line. You can read my review HERE.



  1. I really am loving these products

  2. Was her hair always long and thick or you grew it using special products.

    1. you can see pictures of her hair from baby to present on the Brown Girls Hair History tab above. Her hair was not long and thick at birth. It was short and fine. Her hair grew over time with patience. I credit not over washing and keeping it in braids a lot. Just make sure that the braids are not too tight.

  3. I would like to see how you are doing a hot oil treatment on brown girls hair in 2014! :)

  4. thank you...i have really thin hair as well and i am trying to grow it out...what do you recommend for not having to wash it everyday...if i don't wash mine everyday it becomes greasy by the middle of the second day so i have to put it up in a knot bun and im trying to find a way to get around that because it's causing a lot of breakage now

    1. Hi there! You may have to wash your hair every other day if you have oily hair/scalp. I recommend instead of using shampoo, use conditioner to wash your hair, that's called Co-wash. You can start there and hopefully this will help.



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