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I am the mother of 4 wonderful children. Thank God I only have 1 girl(Brown Girl), who is the youngest of my children. My daughter, who I refer to as Brown Girl, is all natural as well as myself. Learning how to manage and maintain a healthy head of hair for the both of us as been a journey to say the least.

We have had our ups and downs during the years. For me, just trying to figure out what works for her hair has been the most challenging, not to mention trying to come up with different styles to keep things interesting. I think I have finally figured her hair out!! Now that I've found what works for us, I'm sticking to it! I had to learn the hard way that what works for someone else may not work for me!

I started this blog and youtube channel strictly for my own motivation. I was having a hard time just wanting to comb my daughters hair, now we have fun doing videos and coming up with new fresh ideas! Knowing that this has help others, just adds the icing on the cake for us!

I will do my best to answer all questions that you may have and I am totally open to learning from you too! I don't claim to know everything. In fact, I only know what works for us and am willing to share that with you. I only hope we can be a help and inspiration to each other!

I DO NOT have all of the answers to what you should and shouldn't do OR what will or won't work for your child's hair type;there are plenty of forums and blogs for that. My main purpose is to share hairstyles that I come up with, that I hope in turn, will get your creative juices flowing to create cool hairstyles too!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy our blog and videos as much as we enjoy making them!



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